Idioms Related to Talking

In this post I will be listing numerous idioms and fixed phrases that have to do with talking, words, speech etc. not mince one's words - say directly what you mean, even though it may offend someone I'm not going to mince my words - what you did was really embarrassing. a man of few … Continue reading Idioms Related to Talking


Reading and Use of English Exercises

On this page, I will be posting various exercises for all parts of the Reading and Use of English paper. Not only will I provide the correct answers in the documents, but I will also make sure to explain why that answer is the only acceptable one.

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Why did I do it?

Whilst preparing for my CPE exam, I was in desperate need of an all-inclusive website with comprehensive exercises and explanations in various fields of the English language. Now that I have sat my exam, I decided to be the change I wished to see on the web, and help others prepare for their exams.